2021 Growing Season

We are grateful for such a good first season in business. It all began in winter with pruning, the weather so good we were in T Shirts until the last rays of sun fell away. November was a bit more challenging with a lot of rain and whispers of a wet season to follow. It was also in November that we chose to forgo herbicide, strap ourselves into weed-eaters (aka whipper-snippers aka weed-whackers aka line-trimmers aka strimmers) and deal to the 5km of undervine weeds. A difficult uphill task, but worth the effort and thankfully with the end of November came the end of the rain and one pass at the job proved sufficient!

Onwards we strode into bud-rubbing, leaf-plucking, thinning, wire-lifting, clipping, all the while the sun was shining and the fruit happily ripening. And then finally, finally, it was time to pick. We picked over three days, easing into the task with just the three of us bringing in our problem child Arneis on the 10th of March. For the bigger picks we pulled in every friend and family-member we could find - trading their efforts for snacks and beer. The crop was low, but the fruit came into the winery in perfect condition, we were three happy winegrowers ready to make some wine!

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