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2022 Pétillant Naturel - $40 Bottle

2022 Pétillant Naturel - $40 Bottle

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Our first release from 2022 and it's a special one! Lightly sparkling with flavours of raspberry, rhubarb, and blood orange; it's a seriously fun number for a sunny afternoon as we inch closer to the warmer months.

A rosé style made from Gimblett Gravels Merlot and Bridge Pa Syrah; two vineyards managed by the brilliant Bridget Wilton and Miles Leicester. Both sites & varieties were picked the same morning and pressed together that afternoon. Fermentation occurred naturally via indigenous yeasts and within a few weeks, the Pet Nat was in bottle getting fizzy!

Pétillant Naturel aka Pet Nat is an ancient method of producing sparkling, where the wine is bottled while still fermenting. This allows the yeast to continue fermentation in the bottle, trapping the resultant fizz inside. In order to provide a consistent sparkle and a relatively clear wine, we "disgorged" each bottle to remove the dead yeast cells. This is a handmade wine through and through; the grapes were hand picked, the bottles hand filled, hand riddled, hand disgorged, and hand labelled!

This wine contains sulphites and will throw a light haze and have some crystal accumulation in the bottom of the bottle.


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