Maraekakaho Hillside


Three Fates began as a vineyard project in early 2020, working with this special hillside in Maraekakaho, Hawke's Bay. The sunny site was planted in 2007 and is home to Arneis, Albariño, Cabernet Franc, and just a splash of Syrah. 

Almost the last vineyard in Hawke's Bay as you head south along State Highway 50, it is not influenced by the coastal sea breeze and is largely protected from rainfall by the Ruahine Ranges. The days are long and warm, allowing a really gentle and slow ripening with little disease pressure. Sitting about 100m elevation, as well as providing a great workout, the slopes give a natural protection from light frosts and work to restrict the vigour of the vine, concentrating grape flavours. 

A day spent on the hillside is one full of beauty.