The Wines

2021 Albarino

Due to the small crop and the beautiful growing season, we were able to pick every bunch with no fruit lost to rot - though a few grapes missing through the nets to some particularly skilled birds! Harvest came on a grey day, the 20th of March with much help from an amazing crew of friends and family and tagger-ons.

The grapes were basket pressed, allowing some oxidation of the juice and encouraging the development of some texture as the juice passed very slowly through the split skins of the tiny berries. With its high acidity, we were looking for this texture to help drive the palate of the wine. A well-aged 500l puncheon was used for a natural fermentation followed by 5 months resting on lees before bottling in October.

2021 Cabernet Franc

Hand picked on the very sunny morning of 27th of March by a crew of long-suffering friends and family accompanied by 2 very cute dogs. A perfect season to begin growing grapes, we had half a hectare of perfect fruit with not a single berry lost to rot. 

In the winery, we removed the stems to leave whole berries of which we footstomped just under half to release enough juice to get things a bit sloppy. Within a few days, the natural yeasts had begun to take effect and fermentation was underway. A very gentle extraction was encouraged with regular hand plunging, followed by a short maceration on the skins.

The skins were basket-pressed on the 14th of April and the wine put into seven beautiful old barrels to rest up until we bottled on the 8th of October.


2021 Arneis

Arneis; our naughtiest grape. Difficulty growing and preventing disease meant paring back to a very low crop that we didn't hold much hope for. Until very late in the growing season, the grapes were simply big green sweet-and-sour balls of acid and sugar, until one day everything changed and bags of flavour came to town! We were so surprised; we'd gone from selling most of the fruit in the block to wishing we'd kept more for ourselves.

The grapes were picked by the Three Fates girls on the 10th of March 2021. The fruit went straight to a lone barrique for natural fermentation. After ferment, the barrel was topped with a few litres of its vineyard-mate Albariño and left to rest until bottling in October 2021.